Software maintenance is an essential practice. It is an important factor in striving for the best user experience. It is also one of the most time consuming parts of the software development process.

Software maintenance is the process of modifying a software system after delivery to fix any recurrent errors. Adding new features and removing obsolete functions is also part of software maintenance.

But most of the time software owners and development teams look for quick bug fixes. It is to be noted that "quick bug fixes" is totally a subjective term. It actually depends on what you mean by "quick"? And also on the complexity of your software project.

Now what is a Bug? A bug in any software is an error that somehow blocks the normal functioning of the software. Simply put, a bug is a glitch caused by bad code. It directly affects software performance and results in unintended functionality issues. A bug can be a defect, fault, mistake or an error, that may cause failure or unpredictable output.

What are The Different Types of Bugs?

As the popular saying goes, "to err is human". Therefore, almost any kind of software will have some minor or major bugs.  There is always a chance of committing errors while coding. Most of the bugs are a result of human error, but it's not always the case.

One cannot develop an error free software. But, Yes! You can regularly track, monitor and remove bugs from your software. There are many types of bugs, some of them are listed below:

  • Compilation Errors
  • Run Time Errors
  • Logic Errors
  • Missing Commands
  • Functional Errors
  • Communication issue
  • Syntactic bugs
  • Calculation bugs
  • Control flow bugs
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What is a Bug Fix?

A bug is a fault or defect in a piece of code that results in the incorrect output. A bug could be in the specification of the software, in the design and coding of the software or sometimes in the documentation.

A coding or programming bug can manifest as an incorrect results or crashes in the software system. As the name suggests bug fix is, simply the fix to a bug, that is the set of modifications to the software system that would correct the fault.

How Bugs are Fixed?

Fixing bugs is an important part of the developers' job. It should always be the top priority of a developer to find & fix bugs in his/her programme.

Usually bugs are fixed by closely observing the output of a programme for errors. Once the errors are identified, it is the job of the developers to create a fix either by removing the defect code or by writing fresh code. Sometimes developers have to review the configuration & settings of their software project as well.

Hire Developers for Bug Fixing

While working for a long time on a single project and stuck on an "impossible" bug, there will be a lot of frustration. Always try to take it easy. You’ll see that all bugs are eventually solved. Take a break and focus on it later.

Hiring a bug fixing developer can also be an effective solution.

Developer Platforms

There are thousands of platforms available online that provide bug fixing services. Remote work is a great option to hire expert developers for quick bug fixes.

I highly recommend that you get a free consultancy for your quick bug fixes. Or you can also hire expert developers from JSdevs.