In the world of web development, React.js became the most popular and in-demand JS (JavaScript) frameworks nowadays. Hiring a React developer becoming a great challenge for clients day by day. However, It's become difficult to find reliable, proficient, and talented react developers.

There are plenty of React developers in the marketplace who consider themselves as skilled and expert engineers, But plenty of these developers are just average of the best, which is risky for clients to hire them. That is why it is quite difficult to find skilled engineers for your tasks.

No matter how many developers you have hired and how experienced you’re, it’s still a very complicated task to hire the right and skillful developer. This guide will help you to choose the best possible developer for your project.

Why do You Need to Hire a React Developer?

Do you want to upgrade your server-side render or reliable interface? React developers will fulfill your desired intent of upgrading your interface. React is one of the world's most popular and lightweight open-source javascript library. No doubt choosing React is an excellent decision for the development of your project.

There are several benefits of hiring a React developer for your project and website.

  1. Better Code stability.
  2. Easy to create a UI test case
  3. Create SEO based application
  4. Focus on core business activities.
  5. Quick market delivery.
  6. Amazing UI (User experience) experience, fast rendering using Virtual DOM, it helps to build a rich user interface.
  7. Level up the developer's productivity.
  8. Easy to use and learn.
  9. Flexibility and reusable components.

The hiring goal of React developers may vary from client to client but the fundamental goal of hiring a react developer is handling the interfaces of web applications and mobile layout, React provides scalability, high-speed simplicity to your web applications. React follows a component-based approach for building UI (user interface).

These days, hiring any software developer is not enough, you need an expert and specialized one who will help you to create a robust web-developemt project.

7 Core Roles and Responsibility of React developer

React developer is responsible for performing and operating divergent front-end tasks. Primarily, the React developer’s role is to handle the entire UI (User interface) of your application including the design of your application.

Some of the fundamental roles and responsibilities of a react developer includes:

  • He/She is responsible for developing and implementing the latest highly-responsive,web-based user-facing features using React Js.
  • Convert the designs and wireframes into high-quality code. Develop well -structured and dynamic front-end design architecture, with the support API’s integration.
  • Build reusable components and optimize them to increase the performance of web-capable devices and browsers as well. Monitoring the front-end performance time to time using React's latest concepts.
  • Debugging the application code and troubleshooting interface software hurdles.
  • Meeting with the development team member to discuss the latest innovative ideas with the team and develop an in-depth understanding of user interaction.
  • Coordinate and work with numerous team members. Like graphic designers, UX, UI designers Back-end developers.
  • Reviewing and Documenting the updates and requirements related to the changes and development.
Hire React developer in 2021

What Are The Important Skills of a React Developer?

These days, React is considered as an ultimate library for the frontend. All over the world, the trend of React is growing every day which enables developers to build enterprise and engaging applications. Moreover, React developers create a dynamic and perfect fit user-friendly application for users that make your business more specific and simple. Thereby, React developers should have some specific skills for the completion of tasks.

Some of the major skills are listed below:

Technical Skills

Technical skills are basic for the compilation of any type of project. When you decide to develop the React-based application, Now it’s time to hire a developer. Before hiring a developer you must determine some of the technical skills of a programmer, that help you to select a perfect and skilled full developer for your project. He/ She must have a grasp over the following technical skills

  • Good Command over HTML and CSS

Html and CSS are the foundation of programming. Without knowing the HTML CSS no one becomes the React developer. A proficient developer must have a clarity of basics.

The interface is a remarkable feature that attracts your user and engages them with a good user experience HTML and CSS are basics which help you to develop UI (User interface).

React developer should have in-depth knowledge of the following:

  1. Semantic Html tags
  2. CSS selectors
  3. Understanding on Box model
  4. Excellent understanding of flexbox
  5. The grip on Media queries
  • JavaScript fundamentals and ES6

React developers must have hands-on experience in Javascript basics and new ES6 features. One must have a clarity of javascript basics and ES6 without knowing the fundamentals, He/she cannot move forward with ReactJS. When a developer has comprehensive knowledge of both he/she is the potential candidate for your project.

Javascript actually helps developers to implement logic within the application. Which is the most important factor to make your application dynamic and interactive.

Above that React developers must have a clear understanding of the following essential concepts.

  1. Variables and scoping
  2. Array, Array methods and objects
  3. Dom manipulation and event handler.
  4. Prototypes inheritance
  5. HOC (higher-order components) and React Hooks.
  • Git

Git is the most frequently used version control system. It’s essential for every developer, Git is a toolkit storing project forums such as Github, GitLab, Bitbucket. These forums help developers to work in a team and enable everyone to access the updated code.

Git has the following features:

  1. Keep track of codebase and provide comments and feedback for further improvement in code.
  2. The developer can create different branches and a merging strategy is also available.
  3. Handling the merging conflicts.
  • Npm and Node

Every developer must have excellent knowledge of the Npm registry. For building the application you required a software package. Its cloud storage for packages which is commonly called dependencies.

Npm allows developers to download and install the packages.So the understanding of npm and node will help React developers to build a software application.

Soft Skills

Interpersonal skills create a huge positive impact on the work and productivity of an individual. When it comes to the field of software development soft skill matters a lot for the completion of the project. Soft skills play a vital role in professional and personal growth and development.

Every professional must have these professional skills to become successful in their field.

  • Excellent Comunication Skills.

Without having excellent communication skills it is critical to perform well in professional life, Conveying the proper idea of customers’ needs and requirements are very important, miscommunications can lead to the downfall of your project.

Therefore always try to find a developer with strong communication skills, who will easily communicate with your client, company officials, and team members to provide proper clarity of process.

  • Critical and Creative Thinking.

The tech industry is integrating with new trends daily, Curiosity to learn new trends and critically analyze the trendings in technologies are very important in the field of programming. React developers should have these two soft skills to become professionally proficient and expert in his/her field.

React developers are always learning new trends and seeking new ideas.

Because ReactJS features are updating every day, so the developer should keep his/herself up to date.

  • Good Team Player

If you are going to hire a React developer, you first need to investigate his / her team collaboration skills.

It doesn't matter, How much expertise he/she has in ReactJs, what outstanding skill they have, If the developer is not a good team player he/she will not able to help you out in the completion of your tasks.

As the business does not just depend on a single person, maybe it is led by one person, but business is a hub of workers and teams who perform different tasks to grow the business.

  • Excellent Time Management Skills.

Managing time is very important factors nowadays. If your developer is not good at time management, he/she will be unable to help you in the accomplishment of your project.

Prioritizing the work according to its importance is the main key to productivity. React developers must have the ability to categories the most important task and least important task in their project, through which he/she will be able to deliver their work fastly without having the frustration of workload. Creating a daily task management schedule will help them to become more productive and energetic.

  • Accountability

The one who has the ability to take whole responsibility is called accountability, making lame excuses and procrastination can destroy professional life. React developers must have the skill of accountability otherwise, He/She will be unable to complete your project on time.

Before hiring a React developer you are likely to consider these skills.

  • Problem Solving Approach

Professional React developers must have a problem-solving approach. if they face any problems instead of becoming frustrated they must have the skill to tackle the problem and find the smart solution.

Problem-solving helps developers to understand the critical perspective of software engineering and enables them to determine the critical and analytical aspect of development.

How do You Find an Affordable and Experienced React Developer?

Do you want to hire an affordable, high-quality, and experienced React developer? This article will guide you in recruiting skillful React specialists for your project.

It’s insufficient to just select the ReactJS library for front-end development, you probably need to hire experienced and expert React developers, who must have more than 2 to 3 years of experience in different technologies and programming languages. There are a number of platforms over the internet, where many developers offer their services.

To search for a developer to compliment your project, you need to go with the following platforms to hire a react developer for your project. You will find an experienced tech expert as per your requirements. It’s becoming harder to find qualified developers locally, So here are some online platforms from where you can find React developers according to your requirements.

Stack Overflow

Smackover flow is the largest online community of developers, the programmer used this platform to share their knowledge and further develop their programming career. Every member interacts with other community members to learn and share their ideas and knowledge.

All community members have their profiles so it’s quite easy to review their profiles and find potential candidates. Additionally, companies posting the jobs on stack overflow as well, this is also a great way to connect with clients and developers.


Upwork is considered as one of the most popular and trusted and proven freelancer sites, there are thousands of developers available with a variety of tech skills and different levels of experience, knowledge, and payment rates.

On Upwork, you can easily find the developer according to your requirement and rates. You just need to post the job, mention your rates and requirements, developers will submit their proposal on your job post. You just need to review their proposal and interview them and hire the best possible developer.

If you want high-quality work, you can access top-rated freelancers, or even you can invite them to look into your job post.


Guru in another freelancer website, you can find skilled developers here as well. The most competent developers are looking for work on this platform.

This marketplace allows companies to find expert developers. There are more than 2 million freelancers searching for jobs on Guru, And it is one of the most famous job posting online boards.

The job posting is free, you can search for a suitable candidate for your task through posting a job. Guru makes everything simple for you, It's quite easy to hire a developer and get a start without further wasting your precious time.


Freelancer is one more huge online marketplace, where both employers and employees can find each other. This site allows clients to post their job on the website.

Apart from that, you can see the samples of freelancers' past work and you are able to make decisions according to their clients' reviews and sample works. You can make live chat with your developers as well.

Brain Hub

Brain Hub aims to provide software development services for companies and remote clients. Brain hub provides one time developers as well as a team of expert and professional developers to the companies. The team provides fast and efficient work.


Toptal is a platform where you can find the best developer for your project. It's a remote company that provides an opportunity for companies to connect with software engineers, UX, UI designers, and all relevant professionals.

The vision of Toptal is to find out the best and perfect freelancer for your project. you have a great chance to work with expert and professional react developers at the least prices.


Linkedin is another most famous social media platform to hire developers. Linkedin not only gives access to freelancers you also find staffed developers over there. If you are searching for an in-house developer LinkedIn is a reliable and cool social media site to find a potential candidate.

Moreover, there is an easy way to list down the experienced developers. You just have to type “React developer” on the search bar, you will see the list compiled by Linkedin. Besides that, you can better target your search by using filters such as experience, locations, activities, etc.

Hiring React developer step by step guide

The Hiring Process of React Developer

Hiring a software developer is quite a lengthy process; it takes time to find a reliable and competent candidate. you have to consider some basic steps to hire an expert developer. Usually, the hiring process is divided into four major steps.

  • Write a detailed and clear job post.

The first and the most supreme step in the hiring process is to have a detailed and clear understanding of the scope of your project.

Post a clear description of the required potential candidate and also describe the job nature clearly.

The clear instruction of your job provides an idea to developers that they are eligible for the job or not.

  • Candidates screening:

You can assess the candidate through reviewing their CVs, above that you can verify experience and ask them to show you the code base of their built projects.

  • Technical interview:

After reviewing their CVs and codebase, the second step is to take a technical interview which helps you with an estimation of the technical background and personal qualities of the developer.

Here are some frequently asked technical interview questions from the React developers.

  1. What is React Js?
  2. What are the props and state in ReactJS?
  3. What are the features of React JS?
  4. Major advantages of React?
  5. What are stateless and stateful components?
  6. What is the difference between Real Dom and virtual Dom?
  7. What is HOC (Higher-order components)?
  8. Significance of Refs in React?
  9. What is the difference between class-based components and functional components?
  10. Explain props drilling and how to avoid it?
  11. What is JSX?
  12. Difference between ES5 and ES6 syntax?
  • Test task:

The third and most crucial aspect to elevate the skills of the developer is to go through the candidates with test tasks. Which assure you to check the coding skills of the developer.

Test task will help you to identify the willingness of the developer, either he/she really wants to work with you or they are just wasting your precious time.

  • Hiring/not hiring:

Finally, you can make the decision, based on the results of the previous stages. whether you are going to hire him/her or not.

Cost of React Developers

React was created by Facebook and it was released in 2013. React is nowadays the most demanding front-end library. Cost and rates are the elementary aspects of hiring a React developer.

When you decide to use React for your project, the second most crucial step is to find a developer within your budget. There are three basic ways to hire developers, monthly based, hourly based, per time, the choice depends on your requirement and your budget. No doubt Reactjs is extremely famous, hence the rates. Usually, developers charge higher rates for the short term project.

Normally, rates are depending on locations, experience, size, and duration of the project. Location is an essential aspect that contributes to the cost of developers. For example developers, hourly rates are affected by the experience and location of the developer. If the developer is from Pakistan and India their rates will be different as comparatively the European countries. Salaries of React developer considerable differ from country to country.

Expertise in additional frameworks, libraries, and other technologies is big plus it also affects the rates of developers. The pricing and rates of React developers depend on what specific type and skill set of developer you are searching for.

According to the general static of the online marketplace, the hourly rates would vary in the following way.

Junior React developer: $10 - 25,

Intermediate React developer: $25 - $45,

Senior React Developer: $50 - $100.

As I have mentioned earlier, it varies based on location, expertise.


Finally, we come to the end of the guide, we expect that you will get a good idea about how to hire React developers. Now get started to search for an expert professional.

Although, selecting an expert and appropriate developer is very tough, But it’s not impossible, we are sure that this guide will definitely provide you a pathway to find the expert developer.

Don’t forget, building a grand project requires hiring a grand and expert React developer to take your business to the next level.

Hence, I suggest you follow the steps one by one and you will get an expert React developer for your project. I’m 100% sure that this article will not only help you to hire a single react developer it also helps you to build a house React development team.