Do you know how to hire a Node.js developers? It is quite challenging to hire a developer especially when you don't have technical knowledge and experience while looking around. There are many important things which need to be cleared before you get into the pool of Node.js developers.

Before hiring such a developer for your project ask some questions to yourself like, which type of Node.js developer should you prefer? What abilities and functionalities are important? Of course it is important to know about the technical experiences of the programmer who is going to take over your project.

In this article I will guide step by step about how you can find the best freelance developer for your next project. Moreover, this guide will help you find different freelance platforms from where you can easily hire freelance developers or an agency of your choice. This article is going to help you not only now but in future too. Roll down to get your answers.

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How To Hire a Node.js Developer, Node.js Developer Hiring Guide

Why You Should Hire a Node.js Developer?

If you are a developer, you would be aware about the importance of Node.js, and how it is helpful for building effective projects. This JavaScript framework has inbuilt libraries having the capacity to control thousands of connections in a single machine at the same time. Therefore it has the ability to handle the high load.

On the other hand if you are someone who doesn't even know the technical aspects of programming, stay here. This article will help you to find your developer.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Node.js Developer?

Node.js developers are responsible for various important back-end operations. Not only back-end web development but they also assist the front-end web development related tasks.

Theses core responsibilities include;

  • Create or develop a link between third party services and developed applications.
  • Provide support for the developers who are working on front-end applications.
  • The data transfer between users of the applications and the server.
  • They will make sure that the developed applications have a high response to the request made by the front-end programs.
  • They develop applications that provide high performance to the end-user.
  • Knowledge about the front-end development and understand it as easily as compared to others.
  • Node.js developers develop friendly-use applications, as they are importantly used by customers.
  • One of the most important responsibilities is that these developers are best in clear coding. When a clear code is written by a developer, it becomes easier for other programmers and developers to understand that.
  • When it comes to security these developers consider all aspects and outline possible threats, the risk for the system, and then come up with solutions to deal with them.
  • Having Bugs or flaws also creates a complicated environment during work. In this condition, it is important to have some backup options. Here the developer provides you such benefits.

Node.js Developers Well Understand the Agile Development Method

Agile software development is a  methodology that is the most simple and effective way to deliver a great product to the market. It is also fast, flexible, error-proof, and just a plan better way to manage a software development team.

So how do Node.js developers benefit from Agile Development Methodology?

First, the important point to be noted is that Node.js developers are well aware of Agile methodology. It is necessary for you too, to know the benefits of Agility:

  • This methodology provides communication and opportunities, before, during, and after each run.  The client is involved in every phase of the project. This also leads to better collaboration between the client and the development team. Now in this way, the client has many opportunities to express their view and for the team to understand it.
  • The consistent communication also helps both client and development team to clear misunderstanding early in the project and helps the customer to visualize the functionality.
  • It is a better approach to the software development process since the project is divided into small pieces of work, which are more manageable. This allows the team to focus on high-quality development. The repeat reviewing and testing process also improves quality. Bugs are also fixed at an early time therefore the same mistake is not repeated, and does not affect the quality of the project.
  • Not only this but when it comes to cost it is predictable and limited to the amount of work that is performed by the team in a fixed time schedule. Cost depends on how many hours do spend to clear a project. Here the client can easily understand the cost of each feature, and this method helps them in easy decision-making at the right time.
  • When it comes to flexibility for change Agile methodology allows you to adapt fast-changing during the development process. Therefore you have the opportunity to adjust activities from the backlog.
  • Before the product is released you are able to know if there are any flaws and bugs so you can fix them at the right time., so the risk is low and achievements are high.
  • The clients are able to know the first priority of business owners, so they can focus on that without wasting time on other things that are not needed for clients. So the delivery business value becomes high.
  • Last but not least when from above facilities of Agile methodology based on the customer feedback certain components and functionalities can be added, bug fix or additional features can be developed.

Read a complete guide about Agile Development Web Development Services.

What more to want from Node.js developers. They know all the above functions of Agile software methodology which means they have a clear idea about what clients need and how to implement them.

What are the Top Node.js Companies Around the World?

Yes, as we know that in the USA and in many other well-developed countries Node.js developers are high on demand. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should hire a developer having expertise in this JavaScript framework.

QSS Technosoft is a US based Node.js company that is responsible for creating several web apps addressing different needs for its clients across the world. Their strong development teams have experience in delivering complex web projects for the sectors like IT, Healthcare and Games, etc, through using advanced frameworks.

Brian Hub is one of the fast-growing companies, design-build, and scale epic web, desktop, and customer apps by using the Agile approach. Their experts build scalable digital products for the biggest brands, for example, National Geographic, and Beam. Their developers use hand-packed technologies for building world-changing apps.

7Ninjas is the group of 30 Node.js developers created RoomSync which is a roommate matching software available for campus housing and student apartments basically they are apps.  The company is also working on VR educational platform projects Floreo Tech. so they are creating new ways for students.

Worldwide Node.js developers give us reasons that they are capable of doing their best in many ways. Whenever you are stuck to find out why Node.js developers think about the above facts, from all sites they will never let you down and give their best to show you beneficial results.

How to Choose Best Node.js Developer for Your Project?

How To Hire a Node.js Developer, Node.js Developer Hiring Guide

Node.js is becoming popular among other JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and tools. From 2018 to 2019 It is used world weirdly, and still on the run in 2020. That's great news. But there are few questions which needed to be cleared out like how to choose a Node.js developer? Do they fit for your project? Well, the tips are below, just roll down.

  1. Specify Your Particular Needs

It is important to explain your vision clearly. When things are clear the plans are easy to execute. It will help the developer with a better insight about your project. Do not forget the importance of experience as well. Following are some of the sets of need that Node.js developers cover.

  • As I mentioned before, the Node.js developers must be experts in Agile and Scrum methodologies.
  • They are able to integrate testing ability and unit write.
  • They must know and master your product niche because some of the Node.js developers are able in e-commerce and others in fintech.
  • Having a good job experience they must know what you want from them. The idea about your project.
  • Their minds are clear with the efficiency and accuracy of the writing code.
  • They are must aware of continuous integration or a review of the code protocol.

Great Ideas of Finding a Perfect Solution

The idea and budget are clear now. Now it is the time to search for a Node.js developer who is able to give the best result. Four important things to keep in mind:

  • Hiring Freelancers

If you have limited resources and a low budget then a freelancer is the best choice for you. Why? Because freelancers are easy to hire and you are able to check out their profiles and what they know and their experiences. They provide different services at cheap prices. Freelancers usually have great skills in specific areas. Therefore they have a clear mindset about what to do and how to create a plan.

  • Hiring Development Agency

If you have enough budget, hiring an agency is even a better option. As development agencies have complete projects in a team having multiple expertise among the team members. Most important thing is that if there is anything due to which the project is stuck one the member in that team has the ability to find out the solutions at the right time.

The big advantage of a development agency is that the group is filled with different fields of professionals. These experts remain up-to-date with the changes and developments in their technologies. They are also able to adjust new solutions to your needs. So you see the development agency is able to extend numerous great programming practices in its working things like the review process, code quality directives, and proper testing.

The development process is also important. The outline of your project and their progress of work, and test fundamentals in a software company. This system allows the deadlines to be met and the production of fully functioning products. It means that the working of 1-4 weeks the product is introduced by stakeholders and reviewed afterward. This process reduced the misunderstanding and reasons to discover the different solutions through the development agency team.

  • Employees in the House

Hiring a house staff is a great idea, why? If you want to get an answer to a new idea or address the questions now about your project they are available there at any time. These conditions are certainly beneficial for such solutions. The in-house staff will be able to give you more time and they end up the project in time. Now the conditions are more in favor of house staff due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

Important Things to Consider Before You Hire a Node.js Developer

So what abilities does Node.js have and do you find them? There are a few essential things to consider before you are going to hire a Node.js developer.

  • Some of the Efficient Programming Skills

The ability to generate basic codes for the most fundamental problems. A good code not only gives you a correct output but also readable, clear, and economical. The codes are written by the developer and need to be edited by others to generate the perfect results that the organization is looking for.

The developer that you hire must know how to write, simple as well, and an effective code.

  • Node.js Frameworks

Node.js is one of the most prominent open source framework of JavaScript and it has also number of frameworks. The reason is that the frameworks help to improve, expand, and extend the functionality of Node.js applications. Therefore it is important to understand and learn the latest frameworks to develop creative innovations. Some of the frameworks are used to build Model View Controller software while other frameworks are built to support project focuses. These frameworks are useful to incorporate features from their area of expertise.

  • Know about Front-End Technologies

The design, the appearance of the website, and feel matters a lot because it impacts others who are looking at your website. If a Node.js developer has a well-known knowledge about front-end technologies then they are able to work more efficiently through taking the effects of back-end code on the front-end code into consideration.

This is important because it saves your time which usually goes into re-designing your front-end or re-creating the back-end if both do not turn out to be compatible.

It is an interface that allows smooth communication and interaction between two software components or applications.  Restful APIs are those APIs that follow the rest construction. It is a constructional style that defines a set of parameters to be used for creating web services.

Every developer must know how to manage existing APIs as well as create custom APIs to support the company websites.

  • Know to Work with Database

Database management is one of the most important tasks while working with Node.js because every website that is created needs to be connected with a database to store many types of important information.

Redis, MySQL, SQLite, and MongoDB are a few of the databases which are used with Node.js. The database must be able to store all types of data that are coming from different resources and work smoothly with the application.

  • Working Automation Tools

Automation tools are useful for developers when it comes to working on big projects including thousands of code lines. Why are these tools important? The automation tools are useful to reduce human error which commonly occurs while writing codes. It also helps to save a lot of time.

This is like an add-on skill that most advanced developers have. Find a Node.js developer at with this skill to work on any automation tools.

  • User Validation and Authorization

Whenever it comes to interaction with sensitive data validation and authorization become more important. Here the Node.js developer has good knowledge about how to apply these security measures in the web application. This process ensures that your website is highly secure and trustworthy.

Apart from these skills, the Node.js must be creative, having good analytical and conceptualization skills.

  • Communication

Communication is another important factor to be considered while hiring a freelance Node.js Developer. Only clear communication can lead to the success of your project.

Why you should Prefer a Freelance Node.js Developer?

A freelancer Node.js developer is the best choice for your short projects within a short time. I already mentioned the in-house developer can also be used to find freelancers. There are multiple platforms where you can find freelancers.

The first name that comes to mind whenever we talk to freelancers. It is a great and big market place where employees meet their employers. On Upwork, the freelancer profile is available where you are able to see their skills, expertise, and experiences. Review and portfolios are out there, and a rating is set that will help you to know about your budget and see who is capable of doing your project.

On Upwork, you can find out about both independent freelancers and agencies too. The choice is yours. The freelancers get their ratings in accordance with their project performance. This condition makes it find out top Node.js developers.

There are millions of people at Upwork which means you can see who is the match for your project. Not only this but you are able to interview them and ask questions to clear about what they are able to do and how they will manage your project.

Here you can find the freelancer by creating the criteria, such as hourly rates, rating, required skills, or post your project and review the bids. This site is working like Upwork and you will find many ways to get in touch with freelancers.

It is the marketplace to find development companies of various sizes and specializations. The option of filter the list is available, you can set according to the location and technology. You can see the company data, the hourly rates, and reviews of their previous customers.

This is the place of app and web development, you can guess that this is another place where you can find freelancer Node.js developers. You can also see the profiles of different companies, the preferred technologies, and customer reviews. the platform provides you with links to the websites and other contact information. No waste of time to get in touch with the agency.

At this platform, you are able to find out agencies and companies which are specialization in all sorts of software development tasks and the category of Node.js developer is also available. The information about detailed profiles are out there and you can see if they meet your goals. offers top Node.js services for clients and companies. It is a team of JavaScript experts working on some of the most complex projects around the world. Moreover, you can get a free consultation about next JavaScript project from JSdevs.


You will gain considerable advantages when you hire a Node.js developer for your project. They provide a great low cost quality of product for you. The abilities they have create a clear vision that they are able to do a great output for your projects.