It is commonly said that an organization's success or failure depends on the employee’s qualities, characteristics, and motivation. Likewise, the success or failure of API offerings depends on the quality of API development.

This article will help non-software engineers such as executives, sales analysts, HR specialists, and others with no programming background, but they have interaction with the world of web APIs.

What is an API?

A website or program offers an API (application programming interface). The developers of that website or program needed to create a set of URLs that return pure data response. Basically, an API integrates two different systems and it facilitates their interaction. In other words, APIs allow two applications to talk to each other. For Example you check the weather on your phone, you are using an API.

Thus, to hire a great API developer you just need to know or research their skill set and expertise, API marketplaces, etc. After reading this article you will have a much better position to find and hire the right  API developer for your project.

Who is an API developer?

An API developer is someone who specifically work on development and integration of API's. He/she should have the following skills sets:

API Developers Skills

Great API developers need to be skilled in full all-round software programming. API developers qualities are characterized in four ways:

  • In-depth programming language knowledge
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Deep understanding of the stack
  • Readiness and ability to re-use

Apart from the above skills set an API  development specialist should also have several qualities. He should have excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

The expertise of API developers

An ideal API developer ensures the software developed meets the required standards. An API development expert is capable of designing, developing as well as deploying large scale systems.

An API expert also leads a transforming, creating integration capabilities for product teams to achieve self-service. An API expert must be able to work or have experience with the following:

  • Performing Complex analysis
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Testing
  • Debugging

Is there an API marketplace?

Yes, there are API marketplaces that help you find the relevant API for a specific topic and discover them.  An API marketplace works in the same way as other online marketplaces like Amazon or Facebook Marketplace.                                                      
The beauty of  API marketplaces is that not only you can consume APIs but you can also publish your own API to developers on API marketplaces.  

An API  marketplace has several components including a developer portal and An API provider portal. The RapidAPI Marketplace is an example of an API marketplace. It features functionality for both developers and providers.

How do I hire an API specialist?

It is important to figure out how to hire an API developer to do some API development or API integration services for your project.

Before hiring API developers there are few things that you need to know  If you are not sufficiently familiar with, you may end up hiring the wrong type of API developer.

You don’t have to be trained in the field to understand but you need to know the following things:

  • Know the API Type
  • Know the Work Scope
  • Know the API Scope
  • Know the Software Stack

Researching your own API development requirements is a good investment in relevance as far as management level tech knowledge goes. Some requirements like good documentation, etc

Wrapping Up

You should look for professionals who can demonstrate creativity, logical analysis, and possess problem-solving skills. The different freelance market helps you hire the world’s best freelance API management experts on your demand.

You can get in detailed information about the top 10 platforms to hire remote individual developers. This article will definitely help to hire your best API developer from the right marketplace.