Have you decided to go with AngularJS for your application? If yes, then it’s time to look for a talented developer to fulfill your project desire. Our core focus is to help you with finding a proficient Angular developer. Who can help you to create an application that will attract your customers and they will love your application

Searching for the right talent is very important, especially when it becomes a matter of web development. This guide will help you to find the best possible candidate for your project.

AngularJs JavaScript library is continuously gaining popularity in the front-end development world. Nowadays, many companies use AngularJS for their web applications. AngularJs is usually used to build single-page web applications.

Overview of AngularJS jobs in the marketplace

When it comes to the marketplace for angular jobs, indeed AngularJS gained enormous popularity in current years.

AngularJs is one of the most discussed front-end libraries in the world of IT. It becomes a choice of many developers and customers. Angular.js is the only JavaScript library that grew in the market quickly and grasps the attention of almost 26.5 percent of all the respondents admitting to using it so far.

Because of its single page application feature, most of the customers and developers want to go with AngularJs for their most important projects. There are thousands of jobs that are available in the market for Angular developers.

Accordingly to the stack overflow 2020 report, Agular.js has considered as 3rd most famous front-end framework in the world.

What are the essential skills an AngularJS developer must have?

When it comes to hiring the angular developer for your project you should determine some most importantly soft and hard skills of the developer.

Being a proficient and experienced Angular developer they must have several skills that they will apply at the right time and the right place to smoothly complete the project. The skills which you are searching for is entirely depending on your nature of applications, tech stack, and product. However, when you decided to build your project in AngularJS, the developer must have the following soft and technical skills.

Technical skills

  1. Excellent Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  2. Good understanding of AngularJs top practices.
  3. Ability to create testable and reusable modules and code bases.
  4. Understanding of SEO especially on-page SEO.
  5. Comprehensive understanding of customer and user intent.
  6. Build customizable elements.
  7. Extensive knowledge of Typescript, because angular is written in Typescript, which is the super-set of JavaScript.
  8. Good knowledge of Github.
  9. The angular developer must have experience with NPM.
  10. Angular developers should know about Restful API integration.
  11. Know about the alongside technologies just like NodeJS Web-pack.

 Soft skills

  1. Good communication skills: every developer must have good communication skills to convey their proper information and message. If developers don’t have good communication they will unable to update you properly, and there is a possibility that your project takes time to complete.
  2. Good team player: In today's world good team player skill is a very dominant skill. effective team collaboration is an innovative way to accelerate the speed of your work. which will leads to the quicker achievement of goals.
  3. Proactive: Angular developers should have proactive to complete the tasks properly.

Core roles and responsibilities of AngularJS developer

As I mentioned above AngularJS gained popularity day by day. Due to the popularity of Angular, I have decided to enlist some primary responsibilities of the developer. which will surely help you to better understand the roles and responsibilities of the developer before hiring the programmer for your project.

Some of the supreme roles and responsibilities of an Angular developer are listed below.

  1. Continuously delivery of the functionality to front end application to place the project to the next level.
  2. Angular developers should ensure the high performance of web applications for all platforms which includes desktop and mobile.
  3. Build a user-friendly UI (user interface).
  4. Make modern design and technical decisions for AngularJS projects.
  5. Build UI for modern internet applications with updated Front-end technologies.
  6. Write the test for the application, especially unit testing is compulsory to make your application valid and free of errors.
  7. Another important responsibility of an Angular developer is to coordinate with another developer to make your application more interactive specifically with back-end developers for the integration of REST APIs to make your application dynamic.
  8. Cooperation with UX, UI designers to make your application more attractive.
  9. Perform product analysis and development tasks of increasingly complex nature which may require extensive research and analysis.
  10. Stay in touch with other team members to provide the best possible results.
  11. Close communication with external web services.
  12. Ensuring high performance of web applications.

Hire an AngularJS developer as per your requirements

Before hiring a developer, you should decide what type of developer you want to hire. there are multiple options in the market, you can hire a freelance angular developer, in-house developer or you can outsource your development and select the dedicated developer for your team.

Are you still confused about which option is best for you?

Let’ find it.

  1. In-house angular developer

In-house development refers to building the product under your control at your office, you can hire the developers and allow them to work under your supervision at your office.

If you are concerned about your product you should prefer to hire an in-house team for your product.

Apart from that, if you want to build your product and startup and that is specifically defined, it makes complete sense to make your local team, which can collaborate efficiently.

However, you will pay the monthly salaries, need to pay the rents and another additional cost, maybe it will become costly for you.


  1. Developers and other team members available around you.
  2. Efficiently collaborate to complete their tasks perfectly.
  3. No communication barriers will create.
  4. Employees will available on time.
  5. Proper check and balance of tasks.
  6. Face to face interaction with developers to make a better understanding of the project requirements.


  1. You need to pay monthly wages regularly, regardless of who made more contribution to the project
  2. The hiring process will take a longer period.
  3. It will become costly for you to pay monthly wages and other bills of workspace

You can find the in-house developer for your project through different platforms. You can create a post on  Facebook and LinkedIn ads and make the announcements.

Freelance angular developer

Freelance developers are those who work individually. Freelance means one work for themselves instead of for companies.

You can find an angular developer in different freelance platforms, where specialists create their profiles, you can easily find an expert and experienced developer over there. You can select the top 10 developers and take interview the programmers and assess their skill level.

Freelance might be a good option for you if you need a simple website and if you have a low budget. Above that, individual freelancers will unable to create high-quality and scalable software all alone.

As you may know for the development of the standard software you need the UX, UI designer, back-end developer without the proper team you cannot able to build a high-quality application.

Well, if you hire an individual angular developer for your project, and you even don’t know how to code. You will not able to evaluate the quality of the code. And which will leads to cost extra for bug fixes.


  1. More affordable
  2. The best option for simple and specific tasks.


  1. Hard to find a skillful developer.
  2. If the developer will disappear, you will need to find another one and it takes too much time, and your project will put at risk.
  3. As a freelancer, there is the possibility that they work accordingly to their schedule, their schedule may not meets yours.
  4. Communication gaps. You are unable to make face-to-face interactions with developers to properly convey your message and make them understand your needs and requirements.

If you are interested to hire a freelancer, you can find a specialist and expert developer on a freelance platform. There are several freelance platforms from where you can find an angular developer. Some of the top trending platforms are:

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiver
  3. Freelancers
  4. Stack-over flow
  5. Toptal

Outsourced angular developer

Outsourcing is more appropriate and rational in many ways. Outsourcing means you hire an expert developer team from other countries, the team usually consists of all the specialized members which are required for the development of software.

In another scenario, if you just want to hire a single Angular developer still you can hire him/her for the different outsourcing platforms.

In this case of hiring the team through outsourcing, you can effortlessly be done your project from scratch. You just need to transfer the payments on time, and the team will do their task properly.


  1. The top advantage of outsourcing your project is there is always space for flexibility, which means you can make changes to your project whenever you want.
  2. All the details are considered before starting the project. Which helps developers to understand the project entirely.
  3. Reduction of cost: you can select the developer from those countries where Angular developer salaries are lower than the local region.
  4. Your project will be done as fast as you want, and you do not search for the UX, UI designer, backend developer separately. All the team members will available in one place.


  1. Communication gap.
  2. Language barriers.
  3. Time Zone difference can affect your productivity.

Before outsourcing the project you should read the reviews of different companies. The second step is to check the hourly rates.

7 best steps to find a dedicated AngularJS developer

Detail project requirements:

Mention the detail of your project in the project description. Before going to the next step take a deep analysis of your project, which explains what you want and what are the requirements. Which will help developers to determine their skills and apply for their jobs according to their level of skill set.

So you can catch the right Angular developer by:

Developer Screening:

After the detailed description, review the CV’s of developers and select the top ten best candidates for further process. verify their experiences.

Technical interview

The most vital part of finding the best Angular developer is to take a technical interview, which will help to determine the real-time knowledge of developers

Some of the frequently asked interview questions from the angular developer are the following:

  1. What is Angular?
  2. What are some advantages of using the Angular framework?
  3. Explain the various features of Angular development.
  4. What is the difference between Agular and AngularJS?
  5. What are the life cycle hooks in Angular?
  6. What is dependency injection in AngularJS?
  7. Explain components, services, and modules in AngukarJS?
  8. Explain property binding and string interpolation in AngularJS?
  9. How are the promises different from observable?
  10. Explain the authorization and Authentication in Angular.
  11. Explain scope hierarchy in Angular.
  12. What are the annotation and Decoration in AngularJS?

Test task

The last but not least step is to provide test tasks to the developer, through which you will be  able to know the coding sense of the developer. As you may know, coding skill is the basic of programming without coding sense one will not able to complete your project properly.

Hire/ Not Hire

After going through the process, when you get satisfied with the developer's skills and expertise. Ask them to show their previous work and explain the detail of that particular project and then decide are you going to hire them or not.

You can ask a question related to the project as well to know more about the project and developer.

At the end of the whole process, you will able to judge the developer where he/she is experienced enough or not.

Final thoughts

Angular is one of the most trending front-end libraries. This guide is specifically designed to help you out in hiring an Angular developer. after reading this article I am sure that the hiring process will become simple for you. You will probably come to know what type and skill set of developer you want for your project, and definitely, it will become quite simple for you to find an Angular developer.

Moreover, hiring an angular developer becomes an easy process at one time we understand what type of developer exactly you need and what are you expecting from them.